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July 2018

Looking for cultivating children’ imagination and encouraging creativity in the literary field as well as stimulating and cultivating the artistic potential of children by applying techniques specific to plastic arts and practical skills. Our contest proposes to develop the creativity of children based on the project’s theme WaterWorldAdventure and its hero.

Who can participate:
Children in pre-primary and primary education in the countries involved in the project, with ages between 3 to 6 years old

Parts of the Contest:
Stories composed and told by children with the theme WaterWorldAdventure and its hero.

  • Individual works: For children – Literary Contest: Stories composed and told by one child with the theme WaterWorldAdventure and its hero.
  • Collective works: For children – Literary Contest: Stories composed and told by a group of children with the theme WaterWorldAdventure and its hero.

Participation Statute:

  • Children between 3 to 6 years old, working individually or in groups and supported by parents, educators etc.
  • The works will be handwritten or computer written by the teacher/parent according to the story told by the child. On the paper work the child can use drawings or symbols. The works will be written in mother language (Romanian, Greek, Polish, Portuguese) or English.
  • The length of the story should be between one and two A4 pages.
  • At the end of each work will be written: the child’s name and surname, the age, the educational institution, the group/class (if it is a collective work, the name of all children involved), the title of the work, the name of the coordinator teacher. Only the work done by the children themselves will be judged.
  • Work papers can be submitted between 1-23rd of August 2018.
  • Works are not being
  • The contest will be announced via Facebook or on the project website.
  • The scanned document containing the story will be sent on the following the e-mail addresses, depending on the country of submission:

For Greece:    learning@uth.gr

For Romania:   wwa.ka2.project@gmail.com

For Poland:      office@cwep.eu

For Portugal:   info@advancis.pt

By sending and participating to the contest, you agree with your work to be published.

  • All participants will receive participation diplomas.
  • There will be awarded I, II, III prize and mentions.

The results will be announced between 3rd September – 7th September 2018 on project’s Facebook and project website.
The participation will be confirmed by providing diplomas for all the participants. The winners will be given first access to the WaterWorldAdventure – Interactive eBook. Diplomas with prizes and certificates will be mailed till the 14th of September 2018. Join the contest!!!!

WaterWorldAdventure project team