“Water World Journeys” – The Multiplier Event in Romania

The multiplier event (entitled “Water World Journeys” – Multiplier Event in Romania under the project “WaterWorldAdventure – Interactive eBook to improve the Ocean Literacy of Kids”) organised on the 28th of September 2018, in Arad, Romania by Inspectoratul Şcolar Judeţean Arad was aimed at presenting the WWA project among the project target group. The audience of the event included representatives from the target groups: teachers, school kindergartens, local representatives from Arad Municipality, students from “Aurel Vlaicu”  University – Faculty Sciences of Education. Overall, the event counted 90 participants.

The project results were presented: eBook and Facilitator’s guide, the a workshop based on the activities from the Facilitator’s guide. The collected feedback proves that the event had good results and properly presented in order to provoke interest among the project target groups.

This event was very well received by the pre-primary school teachers, raising a high level of interest for the project and especially for using the eBook and Facilitator’s guide in the kindergartens from Arad region.